Gum recycling

Рециклинг жвачки Anna Ballas (Anna Bullus) - inventor of England found a way to turn an ordinary chewing gum in the raw material for the production of useful goods.

The idea to do recycling rumination occurred at Anna accident: on the way home from the University of way runs through the center of the city, which is always heavily polluted chewing gum. Suddenly in her mind the thought that chewing gum - it's tires, and tires can be re-processed into new materials. Why not do recycling of gum? - Thought Anna and began exploring.

Eight months, Anne was engaged in the development and testing process of transformation of the used chewing gum in new materials. Friends and acquaintances do not believe in the success of this crazy idea, and felt a bit strange, and Anna even slightly mad.

But Anna has continued to experiment aggressively recycling gum. She managed to make chewing gum in the foam and by adding some components (that Anna keeps a closely guarded secret) to extract the polymer called BRGP (Bullus Recycled Gum Polymer).

From a new polymer-based waste chewing gum it manufactures special containers for gum, which can then be reprocessed into new BRGP, from which to make new containers and other products, and so the process is repeated indefinitely.

These tanks gum bright pink called Gumdrop. Now this innovative product obtained by the recycling of old gum, being tested in London - Gumdrop capacity installed in various public places in the city.

The creative idea of the inventor of Anna Ballas and its new product from an old chewing gum and gum to help municipal authorities to reduce the cost of cleaning up the city, which annually by the UK government spends more? 150 million.

Personally I have only one question - whether the process of collecting waste chewing gum is too labor-intensive? Or Anna relies on awareness of compatriots who will throw gum in strictly reserved for this purpose, a place?

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